Court Support For Mandi Gray

Mandi Gray is PhD student at York University. Mandi has been a vocal activist in pushing for changes at York University in how they respond to sexual violence following an assault by a fellow student and colleague. She is currently bringing forward an Ontario Human Rights Complaint against the university for how they handled her complaint and recently appeared in the CBC Fifth Estate’s School of Secrets, which can be viewed here

Coverage of the trial from Catherine Porter can be found here. The closing arguments found national media attention in the Toronto Star and the National Post. The trial is now adjourned and the verdict will be read July 21, 2016, 10:00 am at Old City Hall Court, Toronto ON. 

Response to Ryley Conference Group

On September 24 2015, Ryley Conferences Group will kick off its two day “National Conference on Campus Sexual Assault for Higher Education Administrators”. In keeping with its slogan of “where relevance drives the agenda” the issue of campus sexual violence is certainly a relevant one in light of the multiple cases popping up on Canadian campuses. However, a Toronto-based grassroots university coalition seeks to point out that relevancy isn’t justification enough when the conference’s efficacy is hindered by its outrageous and inaccessible registration fees and exclusionary tactics.

Recent On-Campus Campaigns

Campaigns and actions to end sexual violence on University campuses and demand administrations implement student and experiential based policies and resources that respond to sexual violence that do not re-victimize and re-traumatized persons who have experienced assault.

Open Letter to York University and President Madouh Choukri from Mandi Gray
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Coalition to End Sexual Violence