Legal Defence Fund

Silence is Violence has started a Legal Defence Fund with all money raised going to assist students who have experienced sexual violence to pay their legal bills. It is estimated that the cost will exceed $100,000.00 collectively.  

Who your donations will be supporting... 

  1. Mandi Gray has recently filed a systemic complaint against York university for gender discrimination. This case is potentially precedent setting and could ensure that universities are held accountable for failing to develop adequate policy and procedures to support those who have experienced campus sexual assault. Mandi decided to file at the HRTO due the tribunal's capacity to award systemic changes to policy and procedure to protect future and current York University members.  To learn more.
  2. Glynnis Kirchmeier is about to a similar human rights complaint against UBC at the BC Human Rights Tribunal. It took more than a year and a half for UBC to act against a perpetrating graduate student despite complaints by at least six women for a range of misconduct and criminal acts from harassment to sexual assault. To learn more.
  3. "Jane Doe" reported that her professor sexually assaulted her to campus authorities years ago. Recently, the university decided to begin an investigation. Since he is a privileged and well-respected professor, he has the financial resources to hire legal counsel and is represented by a faculty association. Jane Doe is currently a university student in the final stages of her program. She does not have economic resources to retain legal counsel.  

We deserve to continue our education in universities free from sexual and gendered violence. We deserve our education to be prioritized over our abuser.  The intent of these legal actions is to ensure that no other university community member will ever have to experience what we did. Donate now.