Support Services

Silence is Violence receives many emails from those looking for counselling or peer support. As we are primarily an activist and advocacy group, we are not trained to provide counselling services to those who have experienced sexual and gender-based violence. Below is a list of services and supports that provide direct support.

As we are located in Toronto, this is a list of services available in the GTA. Please note that not every service works for every person affected by sexual violence. For a comprehensive list of feminist services, please visit FIRE: The Feminist Directory.


Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape 
Crisis intervention, counselling and referral for survivors of rape/sexual assault. Open 24 hours.
Phone: 416-597-8808

Women’s College Hospital Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Care Centre (SA/DVCC) 
Acute care for those assaulted within the past week. Centre support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Support for cis- women and cis-men as well as trans people who have experienced sexual assault and/or intimate partner violence. You do NOT have to choose to involve police to access this service.   
Phone: 416-323-6040

76 Grenville Street
Main floor
Toronto, ON M5S 1B2

Women’s Support Network of York Region
Provides free, confidential services for women who have experienced sexual violence.
Phone: 905-895-7313

Assaulted Women’s Helpline
24 hour telephone support and counselling available in several languages.
Phone: 416-863-0511

Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Centre of Peel
Provides a 24/7 crisis line, online crisis chat, 1-on-1 therapy, therapeutic groups and workshops.
Phone: 1-800-810-0180

Victim Services Toronto
Provides immediate on-site crisis response as well as 24/7 trauma support services immediately following a crisis or sudden tragedy.
Phone: 416-808-7066


WomenatthecentrE/Women’s Centre for Social Justice
Non-profit advocacy and support centre led and run by women who have experienced sexual violence. Services include personal advocacy and skills-building workshops and peers support for navigating child welfare and family courts systems. WomenatthecentrE also engages in political and social advocacy aimed at informing policy and programs and changing perceptions about sexual and gendered based violence.
Phone: (416) 964-0892

1224 King Street West, Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M6K 1G4

Oasis Centre des Femmes 
Service for Francophone women who have experienced any form of violence, including sexual violence. Provides various forms of support including: counselling services, legal support, employment preparation, transitional and housing support, and support for immigrant and refugee women.
Phone: 416-591-6565

The 519 Community Counselling
Provides access to professionally trained volunteer counsellors who are familiar with LGBTTI2Q issues, services and therapists.
Phone: 416-392-6878 x 4000

Reclaim your Voice
Nonprofit event series which provides a platform for men and women who have experienced domestic violence, psychological and sexual abuse, to reclaim their voices. Combining raw testimonials from survivors with inspirational spoken word pieces and motivational speeches, Reclaim Your Voice is a positive and healing experience that uplifts both the mind and the soul. Check out their radio show or watch past performances at

Barbara Schlifer Clinic
Provides legal advocacy and information, interpretation services, referrals, transitional and housing support and counselling services for women who have been physically abused, including sexual violence. *While the wait list for individual counselling services is now closed, group support may still be available.
Phone: 416-323-9149 ext. 234

One in Six
Provides information and 24/7 online support to men who have experienced sexual violence and abuse.